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Therma-Phase+: A very comfortable mattress

Mrs K - Crediton
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Best uninterrupted sleep I have had in a long time. Have already recommended Therma-Phase+ to several friends

Mrs MacPherson - Renfrewshire

Mighty Bed: My husband and I suffer from back pain and we find it is steadily improving with this bed

Mrs H - Great Yarmouth

Response Gel: Very nice mattress – it has taken time to get used to it

Mr A - Lincoln
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I purchased the Therma-Phase+ bed specifically to aid with my back problems. Admittedly, the back pain decreased during the 5 weeks whilst the bed was on order but after 3 nights on my new mattress, it had gone completely. Coincidence? or due to this wonderful, new, supportive mattress which has given me the best night’s sleep I’ve had in years.

Mrs H - Northamptonshire

Therma-Phase: This is an excellent bed for comfort & style giving us a really good night’s restful sleep & also compliments the decor of our room . We are extremely pleased with our purchase.

Mrs T - North Yorkshire

Therma-Phase: As a sufferer of Rheumatoid Arthritis I have found this bed to be really comfortable. It’s sensitivity to temperature doesn’t result in getting too hot which in turn can make joints worsen.

Mrs M - West Sussex

Best night’s sleep ever.

Mr Walker - Merseyside
Luxury Bed Manufacturers

Mighty Bed: We are absolutely thrilled with our new bed. It is by far the best we have ever purchased – thank you!

Mrs Connolly - West Midlands

Therma-Phase: After always sleeping on another bed we were worried about changing to something new, also we are in our seventies and eighties and needs comfort. We needn’t have worried because this is the best decision we have made – it’s brilliant.

G.Vaughan - West Midlands

Response Gel: I have suffered with pins and needles in my arms with my previous mattress being too firm. The Response Gel bed has solved this and I have had the best nights sleep since purchasing.

SR - Lancashire

Kaymed V85: It’s a brilliant bed – very comfortable

Mrs Brown - Sussex

Kaymed V85: It is entirely different to any other bed and seems quite rigid when you first get in but you quickly become comfortable.

Mrs Lord - Lincolnshire

Response Gel: This bed has improved my issues with a neck and back problem. I now oversleep and am late for work!!

Mrs Hammond - Wales

Mighty Bed: Best night’s sleep we have ever had. Excellent firm mattress

Mr F - Worcestershire
Mighty Bed: I can only offer my praise for my new Mighty Bed. I can go to bed with an aching back and in the morning all the aches in my back are gone. For years I suffered getting out of bed in the same pain that I went to bed with. That is all a thing of the past now.
Mr O - Worcestershire
Therma-Phase: Sleeping in this bed gives me the best nights sleep I have ever had, I work late and early shifts getting a good night (or day in my case) sleep is so important. The comfort this bed gives me is five star luxury.
Mrs Corbyn - Suffolk