Q. Where can I buy my Kaymed bed from?

A. We only sell from specialist stockists as we recommend that you try a bed before you buy it. Click on the link to download our bed buying guide or to find one of our specialist stockists click on our store finder.

Q. I’ve been to a retailer and they say they have a model that’s like a Kaymed?

A. Unfortunately, we are aware that some retail outlets are claiming to be able to supply Kaymed products when they cannot. The chances are that if you contact them you will be offered inferior products that they say contain the same materials. This will not be true as our various technologies have patent protection in place.

In the event that any retailer not listed as a stockist on this website says they are able to supply you with Kaymed branded products, please feel free to tell us here. Similarly, if any claims are made with regards to Kaymed supplying V85, Therma~Phase or Response Gel, or indeed any gel foam to any other manufacturer, then please tell us that too. Please Email info@kaymed.co.uk

Q. There are so many Kaymed beds available – how do I know which is the right one?

A. Visiting a specialist stockist is essential when selecting your bed and recommend ensuring you take time when selecting one. We suggest that you try as many Kaymed variations as possible to enable you to select the option that gives your body the correct support. When you lie facing upwards, you should feel the mattress nestling against the small of your back. If you slide your hand between the small of your back and the mattress and feel a gentle pressure from both sides, you have found the mattress with the correct level of support for you. The same applies if you lie on your side – you should feel the mattress accommodating your shoulder and hips and supporting your waist.

Q. I’ve looked at the beds on your web site and visited one of your stockists, but the beds on display have different names to those featured on your web site. Why is this?

A. Kaymed make exclusive collections for many well known high street retailers. The quality of raw materials and the production processes used are to the same high standards as the beds featured on this website although the exact specifications will vary.

Q. Our existing mattress needs replacing but the divan base looks to be in good condition and hardly used. Do I need to replace the base as well as the mattress?

A. The National Bed Federation recommends changing your mattress and divan every 7-10 years. After this length of time, all types of divan bases will have changed shape or softened due to their constant use. Placing a new mattress onto the old base will dramatically increase wear and tear and may also affect your warranty