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What Therma~Phase™  Owners Say

Therma-Phase: This is an excellent bed for comfort & style giving us a really good night’s restful sleep & also compliments the decor of our room . We are extremely pleased with our...
Mrs T - North Yorkshire
Therma-Phase: As a sufferer of Rheumatoid Arthritis I have found this bed to be really comfortable. It’s sensitivity to temperature doesn’t result in getting too hot which in turn can...
Mrs M - West Sussex
Therma-Phase: After always sleeping on another bed we were worried about changing to something new, also we are in our seventies and eighties and needs comfort. We needn’t have worried because..
G.Vaughan - West Midlands
Therma-Phase: Sleeping in this bed gives me the best nights sleep I have ever had, I work late and early shifts getting a good night (or day in my case) sleep is so important. The comfort this bed...
Mrs Corbyn - Suffolk

Therma~Phase™ Explained

Therma~Phase™ is a high density visco-elastic material infused with unique phase-change gel crystals.

The high density visco-elastic provides your body with the optimum levels of comfort, support and pressure relief essential for a restful night’s sleep.

The phase-change gel crystals work constantly to absorb, store and release your body heat to maintain the ideal sleep surface temperature of 30-32c

Complete Therma~Phase™ Range

The Therma-Phase™ range offers six comfort options coupled with a choice of seven base colours. Complete your selection with a matching headboard and pillows.

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Sapphire Ruby Sublime Deluxe Caress Diamond Crown Divine Silhouette Block Silhouette Pocket Profile 2000 Profile 3000

Select Colour

Ivory Beige Sand Berry Mica Blue Charcoal Grey Black

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Kaymed Beds Are Available In The Following Colours

Therma~Phase™ Specification Guide

Range Name Solid
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Height & Type
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Base Type
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Base Colours
More info
Sapphire  No 1200 23cm – No need to turn Firm Edge 7
Ruby  No 1600 24cm – No need to turn Firm Edge 7
Diamond  No 2000 29cm – No need to turn Firm Edge 7
Crown No 2500 29cm – No need to turn Firm Edge 7
Plus Yes 20cm – No need to turn Platform Top 7
Deluxe Yes 23cm – No need to turn Platform Top 7
Sublime Yes 25cm – No need to turn Platform Top 7
Silhouette Pocket No 1000 Optional 50mm or 85mm topper Platform Top on castors or legs 7
Silhouette Block  Yes  Optional 50mm or 85mm topper  Platform Top on castors or legs 7
Profile 2000 No 1000 27cm – No need to turn Sprung on castors or legs 7
Profile 3000 No 2000 33cm – No need to turn Sprung on castors or legs 7

Therma~Phase Datasheet

Download our free Datasheets to compare models before finding your local stockist to try the product before you buy.

Therma-Phase Mattress

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